About the Artist: J.T. Burke, has been a client of the firms for several years. Originally, the husband and wife team of Jeff Burke and Lorraine Triolo were a succesful food photography team. In that process, they amassed a large collection of stock photographs and began to represent other artists with respect to the licensing of all types of photographs. Ultimately, they were "made an offer they could not refuse" for the purchase of their company, and ever since, the two have been focusing their energies on philanthropy for the arts and as fine artists. The featured piece of artwork on our website is part of J.T. Burke's "Beautiful Again" series where Jeff and Lorraine collected swap meet jewelry and then photographed the images. Thereafter, through terraforming with pixels, these images are transformed into the whimsical worlds that we see before us. For more works by the artist, visit JTBurke.com, or come by our offices where other works are featured."